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“Hypnobirthing tools helped me to remain positive, focused, and mentally strong during a long labour.”

This week’s story comes from Eki F Tunjungsari. Thank you Eki for getting in touch and sharing your special birth story with us!! Eki lives in Sweden and prepared for her birth with TCBS via the home study (online) course. “My goal for this pregnancy and birth was to have a positive...


“I recommended hypnobirthing. Anything that helps you prepare and makes you feel like you have some control is invaluable.”

This week’s story comes from Alice and Tom who completed a TCBS Course with Rosie Gilderthorpe who is now based in Plymouth. “Before we started our hypnobirthing course I was very nervous about giving birth and really didn’t want to think about it. I was sure it would be a painful and...


“I always thought I would cry and swear like you see on One Born, but it was nothing like that.”

This week’s story comes from Tori and Alex, who did a hypnobirthing course with Hannah Robson from Worcestershire Hypnobirthing. “We found out we were pregnant quite early on; I was about five weeks. We were very excited as we had been trying for quite a while. But the thought of labour and...



Have you ever thought that birth really shouldn’t be like this? That our first thoughts and feelings about birth shouldn’t be related to pain and fear? How would it feel to know that if that is what we are focusing on, we are seriously missing out? I want to let you know that you are...